Atmospheric hardness, bluesy melancholy and a healthy dose of  dolefulness – this pretty much sums up the sound of the KINGS OF GRAVITY. With its perfectly balanced mix of Metal, Stoner, Blues and Dark Rock, the Berlin quintet led by singer and film composer David Ossa delivers the leaden soundtrack to our strife-ridden times. There’s no simple scratching at music’s emotional surface for KINGS OF GRAVITY. They dig way deeper, shirking hackneyed and empty clichés. They’re about dark energy, for the mind and soul!

Since early 2015, the KINGS OF GRAVITY have governed their dark realm in the same way that legendary metal icons such as Katatonia, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost carved out their own niches; just like progressive bands Radiohead, Opeth or Tool. KINGS OF GRAVITY refuse to be pigeon-holed into any defined genre, but instead prefer to let their diverse, modern and fresh sound speak for itself.

David Ossa (vocals, guitar), Stefan Ickert (guitar), Julia Hecht (cello), Marcus Flieher (bass) and Marian Kuch (drums) know the music business inside out, from both front stage and backstage. They all work as stage technicians and studio musicians for numerous well-known German acts and understand precisely how to transform artistic visions into audio and visuals with maximum effect. Having already gained a good deal of experience together some years ago in their previous band, an acoustic pop combo, today the five musicians have gone back to their original roots. KINGS OF GRAVITY do not follow short-lived trends, they just listen to their collective guts – which in the case of the Berliners comes from their heavy hearts. Heavyweight riffs roll their way through fluctuating harmonies and the sounds of a melancholic cello, ultimately crowned off by the image-heavy lyrics of frontman David Ossa who, as a popular film composer, is responsible for the mental cinema elements within their sound.

In metaphorical and philosophical style, KINGS OF GRAVITY dedicate themselves to the age-old themes of love, pain, disappointment, loneliness, hate and go back to the never-ending questioning of the meaning of life, all packed into song lyrics that go straight to the heart of the times we’re livin’ in. The KINGS OF GRAVITY are not looking to provide answers, but to stimulate thinking and feeling – just as they do on their very first track, ‘Fireflies’, which marked the birth of the band. Drummer, Marian Kuch, explains the often self-therapeutic approach to the pieces, “It’s about despairing of the number of forks in life’s road and about the path you choose for yourself and the impact this can have. Life’s myriad opportunities swirl like fireflies around us and the consequences of our actions paralyse our decision-making. Another theme of the song is the choice to either escape or face one’s fears.” A motif that the other two tracks, ‘Plain White Fields’ and ‘Dead Water’ also conceptualise. They are about self-discovery, failure and a new beginning – just as the KINGS OF GRAVITY dared to do two years ago.