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New EP // web shop // Berlin show

Hey folks,

lots of things happened! We played our first tour and shared the stage with such fantastic bands like Copia from Australia or Serpentic from Hamburg (just to name two of them…). We had generous hosts and met some great music lovers. In between these intense shows we released Dead Water. That’s not just our first EP – it’s way more:

After years of devotion unraveling into blood, sweat and tears – it’s the essence of us! Dead Water is the most challenging piece of art we’ve ever created. You can hear, smell and feel every single musician in every single note of this 4 track EP. Even the weirdest thoughts and the most inconvenient feelings were allowed to scratch the deepest and bloodiest marks into the lives of these five individual artists.

Check it out:
Spotify (stream the songs):
Our own webshop (buy the Disc):
Amazon (download the mp3s):

By clicking on the second link you may have noticed that we we finally launched our web shop. ( Now you can support your favourite metal band by ordering its merch :) At the moment you can buy the EP and our Dead Water tour shirt. More items are coming soon…

And last but not least: We’re playing our long awaited headliner show in Berlin! Save the date: 13.01.2018 // 20h // Privatclub Berlin
Here’s the FB.-Event:
By the way: The two other bands Noahs Boat and Final Stair are pretty cool and you should check them out:

Finally, we wish you all the best for the upcoming weeks! We hope to see you in Berlin (13.01.), on Facebook, our website or somewhere else…


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